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I am tired of the emails we get saying 'free' postage or the ones that say 20% off!!!!!! It is often not so for one reason or another, and also a waste of your time to put in an order on line.....see below They offers so often on line they are actually the 'real' pricing.

Try using just one of the codes for the offer on-line and your entire order may get wiped off!!! (for us it has been a 100% event to get wiped off) Then you call and get a very sweet, kind sounding person, and when you present the 'code' that wiped off your on-line order they will say we are so sorry but that will not apply to your order..b/c you have an item that has what we consider a mark down... example: if you buy one box of say pears, the next box is often offered at a lower price... which they consider a 'sale' price therefore no other sale offering can be applied on the 1st box or the total order.

Remember the 1st box is not 20% off, or reduced but no other offer can be applied b/c it that box is associated with the 2nd box offered for less...

the sale person will put you on hold while they ask their boss if the offer you thought would/could be applied and it is what prompted you to place the order that got you to waste your precious time on-line as it gets wiped out when you put in the you call...then the boss you are put on hold for of course says "NO" and the sales person says, yes we have many that call to place orders b/c the on-line ordering does not seem to be working so well....... Perhaps we should have asked to speak to the "boss" as you have to trust the sales person actually speak to a 'boss' but bet they simply put you on make you think they did....suspect that is the case....Order from COSCO their products are excellent!

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