Update by user Dec 03, 2017

See "updates."

Update by user Dec 03, 2017

Well Harry and David did sort of re-create the order and called me for a credit card. They omitted the add-on items. Guess I'm OK with that.

Update by user Nov 29, 2017

Update - I got an email from an actual human at H&D, who seemed to say that they would indeed enter the order for me. Fingers crossed! Great customer service if so.

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2017

Tuesday evening 11/28/2017, I spent significant time putting together an order with several items (plus add-ons) for various recipients, with different messages. Then when checking out, the web site told me my Visa card # was not valid.

I looked carefully, saw no errors. I re-typed everything. Same result. Tried a second card.

Same result. Tried a third card (AMEX). Same result. There was obviously a problem in their system.

I phoned customer service: "Your time is important to us. Your wait will be... Zero minutes." Twenty minutes of background music later, there was still no answer. This morning, a cheerful email: "Click here to complete your purchase!" Well great, sounded like all that information I had patiently put in would still be in their system.

But no: the "click here" lead to an empty cart. I had taken a screen shot of the information on the final Order page. I emailed that to H&D, telling them to reconstruct the order, with all the delivery information and messages and such, and email me within 24 hours to let me know when I could log in and finish paying. (And at the same "late cyber Monday" pricing.) So far, no response.

I'm not optimistic. What is a good alternative / competitor to Harry & David?

Product or Service Mentioned: Harry And David Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: H&D personnel should reconstruct the order per my screenshot so I do not have to spend the time doing so. And honor the original pricing..

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EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS is the way to go.

I've used them the last four times now for various gifting situations and they've never let me down. I'm kicking myself for going with H&D for the first time this Christmas. NEVER again


Same thing happened to me with my credit cards. When the order did finally go through, I lost all of the discounts (i.e.

free shipping etc.) (!?!?) I'm still on hold with customer service after 25 minutes. This is awful.


The same thing has happened to me and it is really frustrating. I don't want to use customer service.

I want to place my order through ebates and get my cash back rewards. I also want to review my order and place it myself. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of other great gift baskets out there so If I try at different times of the day, I can get an order to go through. This is a Harry and David issue with their website and no other issue.

I have tried multiple computers, browsers, and credit cards.

Also, sometimes the order pings your credit card and places a pending a charge on the credit card. They probably don't care because enough business is taking place, but as soon as I find another gift option, I will not be using Harry and David.

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