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Damaged fruit

Ref order #W00885436687517; several peaches (5) have black spots/bruises on the tops, (bottoms as packed), and I was concerned about this. What do you suggest. Thank you


Christmas cactus

Received this plant on Saturday and I was surprised to see how badly it had been treated by the postal system. Half of the soil was outside the pot and there lots of leaves, buds and a couple of flowers that had broken off.

It was like it had been thrown against a cement wall. The plant looks sad, hope it will survive , This is my favorite cactus , hope to keep it for a long time. By he way, we have always enjoyed you wonderful pears. Have a relative who arranges for us to get them.

They are so delicious.

What do you suggest I do with the plant? SKU number H3 1637-0000 item number 31637 0rder number 1031556619 Package ID 37766461401, batch number 500041343


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