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I should have checked for this scam but I didn't expect some old fruit company to be dishonest. They just did it to me, paid 240 for a 120 gift, I log in to check my accounts and thought my card had been stolen right before Christmas and my bank is closed to do anything about it.

H&D claimed they "had no idea" and i was only charged once but maybe there is a hold of the same amount for a "little while". Sure enough that's the exact amount missing. *** they know what they're doing and its obviously happened previously. All they had to do is warn people.

If i had known this before i submitted my order I would have used a credit card and not my bank account. This is bull *** and so are they for being dishonest with vulnerable holiday shoppers. If and when my orders complete their destinations i'm pulling the plug on this whole thing. BBB and FTC Complaint.

Misuse of account numbers. What you agree to pay should be what you only pay. Not even honest with their discounts.

Giving out promo codes that have unlisted restrictions. There are much better gifting services out there that are honest to do business with, do not use this service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I want to add that NOWHERE on their website or in your receipt does it say an order will be charged twice for any reason, hold or otherwise. This item shows as an additional transaction in your bank and is completely separate from your original charge but it is a duplicate transaction designed as a "security amount" and does transfer an additional amount of a persons funds without their permission or even knowledge, to be released back to them after the order has been delivered. I don't even know how that is legal but it needs to be stated up front before the purchase takes place or ceased immediately.

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